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Simon Bennett Edmonton

Simon Bennett

Simon is characterized by his energy, enthusiasm and passion for fitness and sport. He lives by the motto “your attitude in life determines your quality of life.”

Simon is a prominent expert in the field of personal fitness and high performance conditioning. He has changed the lives of countless clients with his relentless commitment to training and education. He works and consults with a long list of high profile business leaders, CEOs and professional athletes.

Simon is the former Director of High Performance to the Edmonton Oilers. He has made significant contributions to the fitness industry and sport performance training including the invention and co-creation of ViPR currently being sold worldwide. ViPR, a revolutionary whole body fitness training tool combining traditional weight training workouts with the physical agility needed for optimal sport or fitness performance. He is co-creator of the instructional DVD Reactive Movement Ability Training for Hockey, functional movement training program for young players.

Simon is also a fitness educator and author. He has presented such topics as athletic conditioning, functional movement training and peak performance — to sports teams, professional organizations and fitness trainers. Simon is a contributing author and consultant to the Canadian bestseller book and video Young as You Look.


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