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—  High-energy. High performance. No limits.


Achieve a new level of personal success.

Archetype provides you with coaching, group classes and amenities that help you thrive. All of this is delivered by an experienced crew to support and motivate you when you need it most.

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Personal Fitness Coaching

Finding the right match is all it takes — someone who gets you, who’s willing to ignite your fire and support you every step of the way. Together, you’ll test limits and unlock your potential. Our personal trainers are motivated by passion and powered by science to give you the program and results you’re looking for.


Movement Coaching

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high performer or someone who’s stiff, sore, and not moving as well as you used to, no challenge is too great for the Archetype team. Every trainer has specialized education in exercise physiology and human performance to develop proven programs that deliver real results.


Physique & Weight Management Coaching

If your goal is to transform by losing weight, shedding fat, increasing your muscle mass, or taking your cardiovascular conditioning to the next level, partner with one of our coaches to create a customized program.


Prevention Health Coaching

It’s more than a workout, it’s an advanced, life-altering approach that includes re-engineering your environment, behaviour and lifestyle. Our coaches work with you to help transform the way you manage stress by addressing all areas of your day to day, including sleep, diet and exercise. All Archetype health coaches have extensive experience, and specialized training and education in all areas of human performance.


Group Studio Classes


— There’s a high-energy, high-performance community waiting for you.

Train with us.