Group Studios

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Move to feel good. Move to achieve more. Keep moving.


Archetype’s four group studios are purposefully curated spaces each with their own specific intention. These studios are designed to push you, make you sweat and connect you with those around you.

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Experience an immersive cycling class and move beyond your perceived limitations with twenty state of the art bikes, high quality data visualization programming, blacked-out walls, and a bass pumping sound system. Get your sweat on and let loose in our rhythm-based rides, or satisfy your inner competitive beast in our performance classes where you will focus on the cycling fundamentals: Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Power.




Our most versatile studio at Archetype: Rowers, Ropes, Kettlebells, Bands, and Bosus - oh the circuits you will see! Designed with high energy and efficient HIIT style classes in mind, this studio will be home for those with grit who need to grind it out and up the ante as they challenge their drive.




Experience the twenty-six infrared light panels that heat this studio and help to increase endurance, promote red blood cell production, and stimulate the anabolic metabolism. Alongside the natural light and calming scents, this studio is ideal for Yoga practice, Mindful Movement, Meditation, Barre classes, Stretching and Mobility work as well as Pilates. Unify your body, mind, and soul in this space.




This intimate studio provides a space where members feel like a champion in the ring, defying the odds, taking down any challenges facing them. Blasting beats with eight heavy bags, two speed bags, one double end bag plus the option for one-on-one sparring gives this studio some heat.


Studio class elements.