A One of a Kind Cycling Experience


Our fully immersive MetaStudio will provide a cycling experience like no other. Our blacked out walls, Lumetri color lighting, bass pumping sound system and wall encompassing projection screen inspire you to push past your limits with a high performing crew of like-minded riders.

Whether you are a new fitness enthusiast or an elite level cyclist, our technology adapts to your level and capacity.

A key distinguishing factor of an Archetype cycling experience is our bike technology. Our IC7 bikes are equipped with the revolutionary Coach By Color system. Coach By Color has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. These zones are a direct reflection of your power output, or Functional Threshold Power (FTP). FTP represents the highest work rate someone can sustain for 1 hour without fatigue. Once you have identified your FTP (which we offer through a quick test on our IC7 bike), you work within the five colored zones to accurately determine your effort and achieve your best personal results. These zones are displayed on the front LED screen of your bike for intuitive communication to guide your effort during your ride.


With the support of this technology, our Studio Coaches can customize each ride to enhance your performance. This makes it very simple for you to get the most out of each class by applying the right amount of effort and intensity to achieve the results and metabolic benefits you are seeking. Ultimately, your individualized ride will build your metabolic flexibility, enabling you to seamlessly navigate between your different energy systems to meet the demands of various tasks in both life and sport. This technology also optimizes your overall health and supports sustainable performance.

Our personalized rides set a high bar in performance experience, with the option of using interactive gamification features to maximize fat loss, calories burned, metabolic efficiency and mental grit.

The combination of our fully immersive studio, IC7 bikes, innovative Coach By Color system and highly qualified Studio Coaches offer a one of a kind cycling experience at Archetype. Our rides will not only benefit your health and performance — they will build your resiliency and grit to allow you to tackle any obstacle life presents!

Ride with us in our MetaStudio to maximize your full potential!