What is High Performance Living?


Archetype embodies a fitness and lifestyle philosophy, rooted in the belief that in order to strive for our full human potential, we must optimize personal wellness.  Maximizing wellness builds the necessary resiliency and grit that enables us to overcome setbacks, conquer ambitious goals and live life without limits. This is the foundation of our beliefs and the intention of our company. It is our X-factor and we call it High Performance Living. 


High Performance Living means adopting a mindset that you want it all and will not settle for anything less. All aspects of life effect physical potential, from morning routines to how you prepare for an ideal night of sleep.  We want to fuel your body properly, to prescribe you proper workouts and to optimize your time inside and outside of the gym.  High Performance Living involves your focus, physical conditioning, technical knowledge, energy levels and emotional skills. So many daily factors can effect these core values and we want to aid people in enhancing each and every one of them.

High Performance Living is about being informed, more selective, making choices that serve you, and at times being more subtractive than additive in your lifestyle decisions.

Archetype is built in the ICE District, on the 5th floor of the JW Marriott. Each part of our facility is specifically curated to help elevate all aspects of living a high performance lifestyle.  You are able to enhance all of the core values of high performance living with our amazing equipment, fuel bar, regeneration space, studio classes, experienced personal fitness coaches and statistical fitness tracking.


Our goal is to make an impact on the Edmonton fitness community.

We want to improve lives around us and those elsewhere with this blog series. Our blog Elevated Living will be here to educate and encourage you to unleash your physical potential. The main focus of Elevated Living is to give you the information and best-practices to make you a high performer in life.

We will be releasing articles about different aspects of High Performance Living to assist you in this continued learning process. If you want to be the first to find out about these articles, feel free to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media below. We want to improve your life in every way that we can.


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