Why Personal Trainers Need to be Up-Skilled to Performance Coaches


As a High Performance Director, I experienced the constant pressure to find better ways and methods to develop professional athletes into more resilient and sustainable performers.  Our questions moved from how we could make athletes bigger, stronger and faster to how we could make athletes more resistant to injury, bounce back faster from environmental and emotional stressors, and enhance their peak performance consistency.  We began to shift our singular focus away from strength and conditioning to considering all aspects of human performance. We looked at the best science in regeneration, recovery, sleep, nutrition and food sensitivities, metabolic testing, stress management strategies, social environment, as well as mindset and cognitive health. Our values shifted to prevention, balance, and a more holistic and comprehensive approach to peak performance.


To meet the growing demand for high performance results, it required a significant educational investment in industry professionals and exercise experts to raise the bar and move from personal training to becoming performance coaching specialists. The performance coaching specialist is trained and educated in the science of high performance and possesses significant knowledge in sleep hygiene, nutrition, stress management, purposeful movement and environmental factors. With such a comprehensive education platform, these industry leaders are able to engineer all aspects of health and human optimization.

At Archetype, we provide an advanced educational curriculum and training system that up-skills our industry professionals. We believe that high performance is a mindset and that our members deserve to experience living to their full potential. That is why at Archetype, we offer a continuum of performance coaching experts that are trained in analyzing movement patterns, eating, sleep, stress related habits, and the integration of habit cycles. They use technology and current advancements in prevention medicine to assess health and build specific programs to address deficiencies in health domains.

 We promise to never stop learning and to always provide our members with the most detailed analysis.  Our performance coaches want to partner with you and support you in your journey to boldly pursue your limitless potential.

— Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett